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We enjoy our clients.  We enjoy being a part of the candle selection.  Our staff of professionals keep our offering small so that we can enjoy each of the products we offer in our own home, around our own family, and with our friends and family.  We are committed to your overall satisfaction and love to hear from you.

The candles burn smooth.  There's a benefit to trying a few different scents.  One in the living room, one in the bath room, one in the bed room.  I now even use a couple in the kitchen! Starting to really get into the candles.

Robert Waiber

Our Agenda

Relaxation is a positive way to relax the body, mind, and inner being... Candles add an overall element to relaxation so whether you're in route to your favorite day spa, or prefer relaxing in your own domain, your home, you can benefit from the natural coconut candles offered.  Our agenda is to be a part of your relaxation... Drop a line to us today!

I received the candle as a gift and enjoyed every lit moment! The scent filled my home with lovely fragrances that even visitors found appealing. Thanks!

Ms. Littlejohn, Teacher, JUSD


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We love candles! And we're positive you will love candles too.  If you don’t know which scent your body desires, try sampling a few from the available selection and relish in the natural response that your body, mind, and soul will embody as you take in natural scents that appeal to the natural senses.


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